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Is Heroin Deadly?

Heroin is a highly potent mind-altering drug. Teens who choose to use heroin may like it for the euphoric feeling associated with it. However, the dangers of heroin are quite significant. Even for teens experimenting, death can be an outcome. And for long-term users, heroin can present even more risky outcomes. A Southern California heroin addiction treatment program will help teens to learn the dangers of drugs and how to begin navigating life without the presence of drugs.

How Is Heroin Deadly?

A recent survey found that twelfth-grade students believed that heroin presents a risk if used regularly. Additionally, 63% believed the risk was great even if only used in experimentation. The good news is that the survey also found that 96% of high school seniors did not approve of experimenting with heroin use. However, heroin dangers are always present. When teens use heroin, they are seeking a feeling of pleasure. However, heroin use also comes with a variety of risk factors. Here are some ways that heroin dangers users:

  • Compromising behaviors – When teens begin using frequently, they will have to find money to purchase heroin. Participating in unprotected sexual behaviors can lead to sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Sharing needles – When teens inject heroin with a syringe, it is not uncommon to share needles. However, this is a practice that presents many health concerns. Since needles can transmit blood, teens can contract diseases.
  • Overdose – When teens build a tolerance to heroin, they need to increase their dosage to feel a sense of euphoria. However, this is one of the greatest dangers of heroin because it can lead to an overdose. While emergency personnel can treat some overdoses, if medical attention is not immediately sought, it can lead to death.
  • Fentanyl – This powerful drug is sometimes prescribed. However, it is potent and has a high risk of fatal overdoses. Due to its potency, drug dealers will often pass off fentanyl to those seeking heroin. Since teen heroin users will not know that they are being presented with fentanyl, they do not realize that they could be taking something that will lead to their death.

More Heroin Dangers

So, is heroin deadly? The answer is a resounding yes. Other complications associated with heroin use should be noted. The impact heroin has on a teen’s body greatly depends on:

  • Is it being snorted, smoked, or injected?
  • How often and much is used?
  • Is the drug mixed with other chemicals?

When teens are using heroin, they can be met with many risk factors. These risks include:

  • Addiction
  • Brain damage
  • Coma
  • Decreased heart functioning
  • Slowed breathing

All of the risks presented will alter a teen’s life. The adolescent years are important and lead to adulthood. Using—even experimenting—with heroin can lead to lifelong consequences as a teen’s ability to function at school and work will be altered as their addiction grows.

Beat the Dangers of Heroin with Destinations for Teens

Heroin is a problem in many communities throughout the United States. A survey conducted in 2019 found that 16% of teens said they could easily access heroin. While this number is not high compared to other drugs, it is alarming as heroin dangers are incredible. The risks associated with heroin use are not to be ignored as users will have to battle addiction and can possibly overdose. More than anything, teens deserve the right to have bright futures that are not overshadowed by heroin use. Teens using drugs—whether experimenting or routinely—need help. Destinations for Teens can help your teen learn how to manage their emotions so they do not need to rely on heroin for pleasure. Contact us at 877.466.0620 to learn more about our treatment options.