Man who is showing classic video game addiction symptoms

Video Game Addiction Symptoms

As a parent, you, of course, want the best for your loved one. But teens rarely see problems sneaking up on them, such as addiction to video games. What a teen confuses as a love of these games or passion for them can actually cause significant problems in daily life. To help your teen who…

Teen smoking who needs adolescent substance abuse treatment in Los Angeles

Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment in Los Angeles

Today’s youth finds themselves facing a lot of societal issues. With the nation currently dealing with an epidemic of opioid abuse, teenagers are particularly vulnerable to the evils of drug use. Why? They haven’t yet had the time to develop good decision-making skills or the ability to cope with stress and pressure. When they find…

Young woman on the couch in need of addiction help for teens

Addiction Help for Teens

Adolescents spend a great deal of time searching for their own identity. They explore and rebel to discover who they are as a person. Sometimes, teens will find themselves facing a drug or alcohol problem as a result of their desire to explore. Read on to discover more about unique issues that apply to addiction…

Young girl exhibiting signs of schizophrenia in teens

Signs of Schizophrenia in Teens

When people hear the term schizophrenia, it creates all kinds of incorrect notions about the individual with the psychosis. Yes, schizophrenia is a form of psychosis, which means the individual will be prone to delusions or hallucinations. This doesn’t necessarily make them dangerous, though some individuals may have symptoms that create violent tendencies. Since schizophrenia…

Woman struggling with mental health during stress awareness month

Stress Awareness Month

Stress can be debilitating, often interfering with a person’s quality of life. We all experience some forms of stress. As adults, we are better able to manage our stress, resulting in fewer issues. For teens, stress has the potential of creating mental health and addiction issues. Every year for many years, the Health Resource Network…

Man enjoys time outside and considers a good spring clean

Spring Clean Your Life

Spring is a time of rebirth and growth. We are inspired to de-clutter and create space for clarity and creativity. We often make time to de-clutter and re-organize our physical environment however we forget about clearing up our internal environment. Spring’s energy can be a great time to assess our lives. It provides an opportunity…

Contemplative girl during self injury awareness month

March is Self Injury Awareness Month

Self-injury or self-harm is usually a response to severe emotional distress. A person may cause intentional, non-suicidal injuries to his or her body as a way to mirror psychological pain with emotional pain. In some cases, the physical injury can have a temporary calming effect and, in others, a self-inflicted wound is a way to…

Women enjoying exercise and addiction recovery

Exercise and Addiction Recovery

Drug and alcohol addiction take over a person’s entire life. Gradually, they withdraw from everything and everyone not connected with using. Their health suffers on every level. During rehab, as they recover, they may rediscover activities they used to love, including exercise. How do exercise and addiction recovery fit together? The Importance of Overall Health…