The Science of Pranayama

Yoga Helps Control Impulsive Behavior

People often associate impulsive behavior with children and adolescents. Disorders involving impulse often trigger drug or alcohol addiction, resulting a cycle of destructive behavior. Yoga can help alleviate the stress and anxiety that drives impulsive behavior and help curb addiction as part of a substance abuse treatment program. How Yoga Can Help Treat Addiction Eastern…

Teen Against Wall

Why do Some Teens Stay Sober and Others Get Addicted?

An addiction is a complicated disease that impacts the physical, emotional and mental health of a teen. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (1), regular substance abuse changes the brain and impacts an individual’s self-control. Although substance abuse contributes to an addiction, some individuals do not become addicted to drugs or alcohol. By…

Brain Impluse

The Relationship Between Impulse Control Disorders and Addiction

One of the primary causes of substance abuse is a class of common conditions known to the mental health community as Impulse Control Disorders. Disorders of this type simply mean an individual has difficulty resisting the urge to engage in behavior and actions that are ultimately harmful and self-destructive. Impulsive behavior can also involve positive…

Student at Chalkboard in Destinations for Teens Rehab Program

How Teen Rehab Incorporates Education into Treatment Plans

Discovering that your teenage child has a problem with drugs or alcohol is devastating. As a parent, you want your son or daughter to be healthy, happy and safe, and substance abuse threatens all three. Although no single treatment program is right for each individual, says the National Institute on Drug Abuse, your teen can…


I Crave Therefore I Am – Helping Teens Normalize Cravings Part Two

Although teens are developmentally inherently predisposed towards leading their owners into risk-taking behaviors with the brain’s own queen of carpe diem, the amygdala, at the wheel, it is their very youth and neuro-malleability and plasticity which in my experience can be alchemized into their greatest recovery asset. How can this double act serve to help…