A sober coach is like a helping hand

Staying Sober With A Sober Coach

When a loved one completes a treatment program, his or her goal focuses on remaining sober and avoiding substance abuse. The National Institute on Drug Abuse explains that individuals need continuing care that adjusts and changes over time to address a loved one’s needs. For teenagers, a treatment program that incorporates aftercare and provides long-term…

young addict in need of a 12-step treatment

The Objectives in 12-Step Treatment for Teens

Encouraging a teenager or adolescent to avoid drugs or alcohol often requires a strong support network and professional assistance. Since the causes of teenage substance abuse stem from multiple causes and the best treatment approach depends on their individual situation, identifying the right treatment plan takes time. Fortunately, the National Institute on Drug Abuse suggests…

how to help your teen avoid relapse triggers

Aftercare for Adolescents: How to Manage Relapse Triggers

Completing a substance abuse treatment program marks a huge milestone in your overall recovery. However, it doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods. Research estimates that more than 50 percent of addicts relapse during the first four years after treatment, and adolescents are at an especially high risk due to inexperience. Relapse triggers can be…