teen boy in hoodie needing anxiety treatment

Anxiety Treatment

What do you do when the whole world seems to be falling apart? That is a question on everybody’s mind these days. With the stock market declining and COVID-19 cases increasing, anxiety has become a commonplace emotion. We are now facing social isolation at a time when our fears of being able to provide for…

young woman participating in yoga therapy

How Yoga Therapy Helps Control Impulsive Behavior

People often associate impulsive behavior with children. However, people of all ages can develop disorders involving impulse control, including adolescents. When impulsive behavior involves drugs or alcohol, the individual can develop an addiction to the substance and may require teen substance abuse treatment. Yoga therapy can help alleviate the stress and anxiety that drives impulsive…

girl crying next to wall suffering from Mental Health with Teens and School

Mental Health with Teens and School

Balancing academics, social needs, and future goals during adolescence can be stressful. Especially when you struggle with a mental health condition. Mental health with teens and school can make it even more difficult to identify, manage, and control mental health symptoms. Stressors, like grades or athletics, can aggravate symptoms and make it harder to navigate…

teen girl in profile in the dark apathy

The Apathy-Addiction Cycle, and How to Break Out

Apathy, which is a lack of interest or enthusiasm, can fuel the cycle of addiction. Once caught in such a cycle, teens can spiral and find themselves dealing with mental health disorders such as depression. When teens are struggling with substance abuse and mental health simultaneously, they require a dual diagnosis treatment program in order…

teen girl considering Depression Treatment

Depression Treatment

Often, an individual experiences depression when negative things occur that they have absolutely no way to control or get away from. For teens and adolescents, this can be especially trying time. It is no wonder that current events have coincided with a rise in the number of people seeking depression treatment. COVID-19 has many people…

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How CBT Can Help with Depression

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 10% of Americans report symptoms that are in keeping with diagnosis requirements for clinical depression. Depression in individuals struggling with substance abuse is even more prevalent. Cognitive-behavioral therapy, or CBT, is a proven, effective way to treat depression with or without chemical dependency issues. At Destinations…

girl crying into hands because of Mental Health Stigma and Teens

Mental Health Stigma and Teens

Without proper treatment, mental health disorders can cause disabling symptoms, which can impact academics, social life, and relationships. Mental health stigma and teens is an unhealthy combination, as fears about reaching out for help can outweigh a teen’s desire to get better. Conditions like depression can cause you to isolate yourself from friends and loved…

teen on balcony while obeying shelter in place

Helping Teens Cope During Shelter In Place

As the nationwide coronavirus or COVID-19 epidemic continues, more and more states, cities, and towns are issuing ‘stay at home’ or ‘shelter in place’ orders. While many of us have a broad understanding of what this entails, there is some confusion about what the difference between the two is, what families can and can’t go…

teen being offered drugs by other teen showing drug and substance abuse in teens

Drug and Substance Abuse in Teens

Drug and substance abuse in teens is an unfortunate consequence of experimenting with psychoactive substances. The cause of addiction is unknown, meaning that there is no known gene that makes you more prone to developing an addiction. Recreational use and experimentation carry the risk of dependency. Substance abuse disorders don’t discriminate. This means that anyone,…