a group of three young people embrace in a circle smiling at the camera possibly in one of the many inpatient drug treatment centers

5 Expectations in a Teen Inpatient Treatment Center

More than 11 million teens have used illicit drugs in the last year, causing the need for parents to seek addiction treatment options to increase. Deciding to enroll your son or daughter in an inpatient drug center for teens can be difficult. Perhaps you feel like your teen can beat their substance use disorder on…

two parents sit on either side of a young person on a bench supporting them possibly before a teen drug treatment program

Supporting a Teen in a Drug Treatment Program

Addiction to substances such as drugs and alcohol is a challenge for teens. More than 600,000 young adults struggle with an illicit drug use disorder. If you believe that your teen has a substance use disorder, it is time to find the proper support to help them become sober. At Destinations for Teens, teen substance…

a person kneels on the floor and leans on a window possibly experiencing symptoms of cocaine withdrawal

What to Expect During Cocaine Withdrawal

Cocaine is a stimulating drug that makes teen users feel excited and ready to conquer the world. However, when the high ends, teens are left rushing to fill the void. In time, this can lead to cocaine use disorder that can truly disrupt your teen’s life. Identifying the signs of cocaine withdrawal symptoms can be…

Teen holding book in an education in addiction recovery program

Teen Education in Addiction Recovery

There’s no reason to ignore the situation when your teen has a substance use or mental health disorder. However, as a parent or guardian, you may be wondering: will they be able to keep up with their education while in addiction recovery? The short answer: yes, your teen will be able to keep up with…

a young man paddles a surfboard in a surf therapy for teens program

Surf Therapy for Teens Struggling with Addiction in LA

Surfing is a sport where someone uses a board to ride ocean waves. In recent years, experts are finding that surf therapy improves both adolescents’ physical and psychosocial health. If a young adult in your life loves water and needs an outlet to help support their substance use or mental health disorder treatment, why not…

a teen paints at an easel during an art therapy program

The Art of Life: Painting a New Beginning

Recent data reveals that teen drug use has jumped an estimated 61 percent between 2010 and 2020. While some teens are experimenting, substance use cannot be ignored–teens need an outlet to deal with their emotions. Creative expression has the power to help young adults overcome substance use and mental health disorders. In particular, art therapy…

a young woman uses a camera in a photography therapy program

Photography Therapy Is Now Proven by Science : Get in the Know

When we think of photography, we often think of it as a way to document our memories and milestones. It can also assist an individual with healing and rehabilitation. Researchers have found that taking and sharing just one photo per day can potentially help everyone—no matter their mental health state. In particular, photography therapy is…

teens exchange pills which can lead to adderall abuse

The Pressure to Be Perfect Is Leading to Adderall Abuse

Hyperactivity and impulse control are two challenges presented to children and young adults who need to remain focused in school—the solution: Adderall. Adderall is a prescription used to treat ADHD and narcolepsy by stimulating the brain and nerves. However, many young adults misuse Adderall, even buying the medication from others without a prescription—leading some young…

young woman leaning against wall contemplating teen cocaine abuse

Teen Cocaine Abuse: Everything You Need to Know

Cocaine is a popular stimulant drug. Teens often discover the drug at parties and other social events. Others use cocaine to increase productivity. However, continued cocaine use—whether at a party or to work longer—will lead to a substance use disorder.  The danger in experimentation is that it often leads to substance use disorder. A cocaine…