Women enjoying exercise and addiction recovery

Exercise and Addiction Recovery

Drug and alcohol addiction take over a person’s entire life. Gradually, they withdraw from everything and everyone not connected with using. Their health suffers on every level. During rehab, as they recover, they may rediscover activities they used to love, including exercise. How do exercise and addiction recovery fit together? The Importance of Overall Health…

Person wondering about the difference between codeine vs hydrocodone

Codeine vs Hydrocodone: Which Is More Dangerous?

In discussions of codeine vs hydrocodone, which is the more dangerous drug? Before breaking that down, it’s important to understand that both drugs have an abuse potential. This may surprise you if you know that they’re prescription medications. However, even medicine that a doctor prescribes carries some risk, and knowing how to properly use it…

a teen girl talks to her counselor about the recreational therapy definition

What Is the Recreational Therapy Definition?

As you consider a range of therapy programs for your teen’s drug rehab treatment, you run across recreational therapy. Then you wonder, what is the recreational therapy definition and does your teen need this type of therapy? For many people, it is hard to imagine recreation being helpful as part of drug or alcohol recovery.…

a teen girl agonizes over the meth withdrawal timeline

What Does the Meth Withdrawal Timeline Look Like?

Methamphetamine, or crystal meth, is extremely addictive because the body quickly becomes dependent on the substance. It can be difficult to stop using the drug because the body tells the brain that it needs the chemicals to feel normal. The meth withdrawal timeline doesn’t last forever, but going through detox can be uncomfortable without professional…

a teen girl looks sad as she thinks about her substance induced mood disorder

What Is a Substance Induced Mood Disorder?

As you seek rehab treatment for your teen, you possibly wonder, “What is a substance induced mood disorder?” This type of mood disorder is one caused by your young person’s substance abuse. Drugs, alcohol and even prescribed medications sometimes cause depression. Many people call this the “crash” of their hangover or morning after their substance…