Therapist discusses family therapy activities and ideas

Family Therapy Activities and Ideas

Addiction and mental health problems hurt more than just your teen who suffers these problems. These behavioral health issues affect your whole family. This is why family therapy activities play such a big role in your teen’s treatment. Through family therapy and under the guidance of a licensed therapist, your family heals and then rebuilds…

Doctor explains to her patient the differences between iop vs php

Differences Between IOP vs PHP

Not every facet of addiction treatment needs to focus on inpatient care. There are plenty of circumstances where the client qualifies for some level of outpatient care. However, the question is, “what level of outpatient care is appropriate.” That’s really a decision for an addiction treatment facility’s clinicians to make. Among the choices would be…

Teen smoking who needs adolescent substance abuse treatment in Los Angeles

Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment in Los Angeles

Today’s youth finds themselves facing a lot of societal issues. With the nation currently dealing with an epidemic of opioid abuse, teenagers are particularly vulnerable to the evils of drug use. Why? They haven’t yet had the time to develop good decision-making skills or the ability to cope with stress and pressure. When they find…

Young girl exhibiting signs of schizophrenia in teens

Signs of Schizophrenia in Teens

When people hear the term schizophrenia, it creates all kinds of incorrect notions about the individual with the psychosis. Yes, schizophrenia is a form of psychosis, which means the individual will be prone to delusions or hallucinations. This doesn’t necessarily make them dangerous, though some individuals may have symptoms that create violent tendencies. Since schizophrenia…

Man holding a pill that is one of the signs of prescription drug abuse

Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse

You can’t open the newspaper or the Internet without seeing stories about prescription medication abuse and addiction. It has, unfortunately, reached epidemic levels. In the middle of the problem, we find teens who are becoming addicted to their anxiety medications or picking up painkillers on the streets. Therefore, one of the only ways a parent…