teen boy struggling with teen marijuana abuse

3 Dangers of Marijuana Abuse

Marijuana abuse is a concerning problem for many families, especially if a young person is involved. Young adults are at a higher risk of experiencing harm from marijuana abuse because their brains are still developing. If you have a young teen at home, you may worry about their exposure to this substance. It’s helpful to…

teen experiencing secondary trauma

What Is Secondary Trauma in Teens?

Hearing about other peoples’ traumatic experiences can cause emotional distress and behavioral changes. Children in the US endure various traumatic experiences, including natural disasters, bullying, domestic violence, and sexual abuse. Such trauma stories can cause behavioral and emotional issues in teens, impacting their quality of life. Seeking early professional trauma treatment can help your child…

girl experiencing seasonal depression in teens

Do Teens Experience Seasonal Depression?

Seasonal depression, also known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), is a condition that occurs during the colder months. It affects many adolescents in the US every year. The most common symptoms of the disorder include unexplained tiredness and anxiety. Unfortunately, caregivers may misunderstand a teen’s behavior. It pays to gain essential skills to assist your…

teen wearing hoodies against chain link fence seriously considering heroin

How Long Does Heroin Stay in Your Saliva?

Heroin comes with a high risk of overdose, and drug interactions can increase the hazards of taking this powerful drug. You might want to know how long the substance stays in your system so that you can resume other medications or seek a job after completing a rehab program. How long does heroin stay in…

family member comforting other family member in family therapy

Family Therapy Activities and Ideas

Addiction and mental health problems hurt more than just your teen who suffers these problems. These behavioral health issues affect your whole family. This is why family therapy activities play such a big role in your teen’s treatment. Through family therapy and under the guidance of a licensed therapist, your family heals and then rebuilds…

teen staring off thinking about heroin withdrawal

Can Heroin Withdrawal Kill You?

Getting clean is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your loved ones. However, it’s not easy, as anyone who’s suffered from painful withdrawal symptoms knows. If you’re trying to overcome heroin addiction, asking, “Can heroin withdrawal kill you?” is a valid question. Find out the real answer so that you…

girl in alley dealing with opioids

Codeine vs Hydrocodone: Which Is More Dangerous?

In discussions of the opioids codeine vs. hydrocodone, which is the more dangerous drug? Before breaking that down, it’s important to understand that both drugs have abuse potential. This may surprise you if you know that they’re prescription medications. However, even medicine that a doctor prescribes carries some risk, and knowing how to use it…