a teenager participating in online addiction treatment

Will My Teen Benefit From Online Addiction Treatment?

Substance use disorder presents many challenges to teens and their families as they need to find a supportive treatment program. The global pandemic has made many of us rethink how we receive services and for many, an online addiction treatment program is the best remedy. Destinations for Teens’ virtual partial hospitalization program and their intensive…

drugs teens use

Stay Informed About the Drugs Teens Use

Teen years are filled with exploration. It’s a time to learn about their identity, consider their beliefs, and begin planning for adulthood. And sometimes, teens decide to take chances and push the boundaries in their lives. However, when pushing boundaries means your teen is abusing drugs, it is time to take action. It is essential…

person struggling with teen codeine use

Dangers of Lean: Teen Codeine Use Explained

Have you ever heard your teen discussing ‘Purple Drink’ or ‘Lean’? Chances are, they were talking about a dangerous concoction that combines cough syrup with other ingredients. Known as “Lean,” this drink has gained popularity due to rap and pop stars such as Lil Wayne and Justin Beiber. While Lil Wayne and Beiber may have…

teens and vaping

Teens and Vaping: What You Need to Know About Nicotine Addiction

Although teens in the United States are prohibited by law to purchase cigarettes until they are 18 years old, teens who vape may be using E-cigarettes that do not require nicotine. These teens hope that vaping will help them quit smoking or prevent them from starting. Vaping is becoming more popular with teens. Fortunately, through…

students in highschool learning about addiction in teens

Why Some Teens Become Addicted While Others Don’t

The medical and mental health communities view addiction in teens as a chronic and relapsing disease of the brain that causes compulsive drug-seeking behaviors and the use of drugs or alcohol despite negative consequences. Initially, the decision to take drugs or alcohol is voluntary, but according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, or NIDA,…

hands with orange ribbon for self-harm awareness month

March is Self-Harm Awareness Month

Adolescent self-harm and injury are common in teens experiencing emotional distress. Often self-harm is meant to be non-suicidal. However, self-harm is an intentional action and reveals how a young adult is feeling. To combat the pervasiveness of self-harm, March is Self-Harm Awareness Month. During this month, organizations and influencers are dedicated to sharing information and…

person pc gaming showing teen video game addiction

Signs Your Teen Is Addicted to Video Games

Playing video games is an excellent pastime for young adults–especially boys. Who does not love to get lost in a virtual world and win a good game? While relaxing and playing a video with friends is quite ordinary, it must be done in moderation. After all, teens can become addicted to playing video games, decreasing…

teen at laptop dealing with stress in online learning

Coping With Stress Related to Online Learning

The adolescent years are naturally filled with many emotions surrounding identity and acceptance in social circles. In the last two years, teens have experienced even greater anxiety due to their online activity. Surprisingly, like social media engagement, online learning platforms also can present a source of anxiety for teens. If the young adult in your…