teen laying on side dealing with mental illness and substance abuse in teens

Mental Illness and Substance Abuse in Teens

Although drug abuse has declined in the past 20 years (1), teens are using certain substances, like marijuana, more than ever. Mental illness and substance abuse in teens requires treatment, as co-occurring disorders can make it difficult to live a healthy and normal life. While all teens and adolescents experience anxiety, stress, and sadness, some…

teen on stairs thinking about teen depression and substance abuse

Teen Depression and Substance Abuse

Teen depression and substance abuse are closely linked. Mental health problems can lead to self-medicating, where you use drugs and/or alcohol to alleviate symptoms like sadness. About 8% of adolescents suffer from depression, and 11.5% of high school seniors use illicit drugs other than marijuana at least annually. (1) The teenage years are stressful, awkward,…

adult chatting with teen showing How to Talk About Substance Abuse to Teens

How to Talk About Substance Abuse to Teens

With 11.5% of high school seniors using an illicit drug other than marijuana and another 35.7% using marijuana last year, parents understandably wonder how to talk about substance abuse to teens. Teens and adolescents have to navigate complex relationships, challenges, and social pressures while learning how to make responsible decisions. This can make it easy…