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Teen Depression and Drug Use

Feelings of sadness can occur at any time and at any age. According to Psych Central, roughly 10 to 15 percent of children and teenagers are depressed at any particular time. This can lead to co-occurring teen depression and drug use. Although it is not uncommon for individuals at any age to develop mild to severe forms of depression, it is important to seek professional treatment when it persists. For some teenagers, moderate to severe depression can contribute to the temptation to abuse drugs.

Facts About Depression in Teenagers

The National Institute on Mental Health explains that roughly 11 percent of adolescents under 18 years old develop a depressive disorder. Although girls can have a slightly higher risk when compared to boys, depression does occur in both males and females. According to the National Institute on Mental Health, depression does not always exhibit the same signs and symptoms that are common to the disorder in adults. As a result, it may be overlooked as a phase that teenagers are going through. The signs of depression in adolescents may include:

  • Seeming grouchy or moody on a regular basis
  • Refusing to go to school or acting sick to avoid school
  • Complaining about not feeling well without obvious physical symptoms
  • Sulking
  • Voicing worries that a parent or loved one may die
  • Behaving inappropriately at school

Although some older teenagers may show signs that are similar to adults or may talk about feelings of sadness or worry, the symptoms of depression may not be obvious at first. Parents and teachers should be aware when a teenager gets too moody or easily upset for a long period of time, since it may be a sign of depression.

Teen Depression and Drug Use

When a teenager is exhibiting signs of depression, it can be time to seek professional treatment. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America reports that individuals who are diagnosed with major depressive disorders are two to three times more likely to abuse drugs or alcohol when compared to the general population. According to Science Daily, teens may abuse drugs in an attempt to reduce feelings of anxiety or depression. Unfortunately, substance abuse can compound depressive disorders and make the symptoms of the problem worse over time. Psych Central reports that teenagers who self-medicate depression with marijuana once a month or more are three times more likely to develop suicidal thoughts. The impact of other drugs can depend on the amount that it is abused and the particular substance, but many substances can make feelings of sadness, worry or other negative emotions worse. Along with the risks associated with compounding an existing depressive disorder, Science Daily states that substance abuse can actually cause depression or other mental health disorders. Depending on the substance, the exact impact on a teenager’s brain and development can vary.

Preventing Teen Depression and Drug Use

When a teenager or a child is showing signs of depression, it is important to seek treatment early. According to Duke University, treating depression and depressive disorders before substance abuse starts can actually reduce the risk of addiction and substance abuse in the future. A study that evaluated the results of treatment for depression in adolescents suggests that only about 10 percent of teenagers who are treated for depressive disorders will abuse drugs in the future, explains Duke University. Of the adolescents in the study, 90 percent of those who responded to treatment for depression did not abuse drugs or alcohol in the future. By treating depression early, it is possible to prevent teenagers from using drugs or alcohol as a form of self-medication. Psych Central states that depression is a treatable disorder when a proper diagnosis is given. Since teenagers can turn to drugs or alcohol in an attempt to alleviate the negative emotions and symptoms that are associated with depressive disorders, it is particularly important for a medical professional to diagnose the problem and ensure that treatment is provided.

Risks of Untreated Depression

Teenagers who do not get help for depression can face risks. Although substance abuse is a common risk, it is not the only potential problem that can arise with depression. The risks of untreated depression may include:

  • Substance abuse that escalates to addiction
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Self-destructive behaviors
  • Risk-taking behaviors, particularly after abusing some substances
  • Attempted suicide
  • Greater risk of developing more severe forms of depression, anxiety or mental health disorders

Depression can contribute to the development of several problems. If you do not treat it, it may get worse over time. Some forms of depression will persist for years and may make it harder to avoid substance abuse. In the worst-case scenario, teenagers may attempt to commit suicide or may develop a severe addiction to drugs or alcohol. Attempts to self-medicate can also result in an overdose or severe physical health concerns. The use of drugs to help alleviate feelings of depression does not only apply to adults. Teenagers can develop depressive disorders and may attempt to alleviate symptoms by taking marijuana, drinking alcohol or abusing other drugs. Even though substance abuse is a risk that can develop when a teenager is depressed, treating the depressive disorder early can reduce the risk of addiction and encourage healthier behaviors. When a teenager is showing symptoms of depression, it may be time to seek professional assistance.

Treating Teen Depression and Drug Use

If your teen is struggling with co-occurring teen depression and drug use, get them the treatment they need. Dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring disorders recognizes that substance abuse and depression can go hand in hand. No matter if substance use caused the depression or vice versa, dual diagnosis treatment and therapy are the best solution for teen depression and drug use. At Destinations for Teens, we offer dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring disorders. We also provide a number of diverse treatment methods, ranging from evidence-based therapies to experiential and holistic methods. At Destinations for Teens, our therapies for treating teen depression and drug use include:

Whatever therapy your teen chooses to undergo, it will help mitigate and end teen depression and drug use. To learn more about teen depression and drug use, give us a call at 877.466.0620. We can provide support if your teen is struggling.