People experiencing the positive effects of exercise on your mental health by playing volleyball

The Positive Effects of Exercise on Your Mental Health

By George Livengood – Program Director, Canon House Do you remember moping around the house as a kid and mom saying, “Go outside and play!”? Mom was onto something.  There are numerous studies that indicate exercise is helpful in reducing depression.  There is no one identifiable reason as to why it works. So let’s look…

Woman paints during creative therapy

Why do creative therapies for teens work?

By Jesaca Lepper, MFT  – Ventura PHP/IOP Creative therapies are very important and valuable for adolescent treatment therapy. Adolescents often benefit from different treatment modalities that do not only focus on cognitive interventions and strictly “talk therapy.” Adolescent brains are still growing and sometimes experiences can unlock and express deeper feelings. There are many artistic modalities…