teen depression and anxiety

Teen Depression and Anxiety

Teen depression and anxiety are often viewed as the same thing- and they do overlap in some areas. Furthermore, they are emotional responses to circumstances or experiences in a teen’s life; however, the symptoms and causes of teen depression and anxiety differ. Treatment for each condition may also differ depending on the individual. For instance,…

a doctor observing a patient for signs of depression

Signs of Depression in Teens

Depression is not always easy to spot in teenagers. One of the reasons is that the signs of depression can often mimic normal teenage behavior. Changes in mood, abnormal sleep and eating patterns, inability to stay focused, or changes in social behavior may look like typical traits of an adolescent in transition.  However, it’s also…

a young girl feeling sick wondering What is Substance Use Disorder

What is Substance Use Disorder?

What is substance use disorder? It is a disease that alters your behavior and brain function through prolonged substance use. In short, it’s an addiction to drugs or alcohol. The disorder is characterized by the continued use of a substance despite the consequences.  In most cases, you may continue using drugs or alcohol regardless of…

A girl with signs of depression

Symptoms of Depression

Clinical depression has become increasingly common among adolescents. In fact, there has been a 37% increase in clinical depression among Americans ages 12 to 17 between 2005 and 2014. In the past year, more than 3 million adolescents experienced at least one episode of depression. Overall, the prevalence of depression among adolescents has continued to increase dramatically since the…

Mom showing teen how to help a teen with anxiety

How to Help a Teen With Anxiety

Anxiety is the most common mental health condition in the United States and 7.1% of children ages 3 to 17 have been diagnosed with an anxiety-related disorder. Anxiety-related conditions are also becoming more common among children ages 6-17, increasing in prevalence by 0.9% between 2007 and 2011. Although anxiety disorders are common, less than 60% of children diagnosed with…

Doctor showing teen and his mom detox medications

Detox Medications

Substance abuse disorders impact more than 10% of Americans ages 12 or older. Drug and alcohol use is still common among teens and high schoolers, with more than half of all high schoolers experimenting with alcohol and/or marijuana within the past year. Substances like marijuana and alcohol can lead to physical and psychological addiction, while prescription medications…