a teen in a hoodie represents signs your teen is using drugs

5 Signs Your Teen is Using Drugs

Substance abuse is a problem that impacts the lives of teenagers and their families around the country. There are many signs your teen is using drugs. Teens have access to more diverse addictive substances than ever before. Between underage drinking, illicit drug use, and misusing prescription medications, the discerning teen has many ways to become…

group of teens engaging in teen alcohol and drug use

Teen Alcohol and Drug Use

A potent mix of hormonal changes, growing independence, and still-developing brain structures make the teenage years particularly difficult. These difficulties lead to teen alcohol and drug use. Many adults look back on their teen years as a particularly challenging rite of passage, and today’s teens face even more pressures than their parents’ generation. With the…

male teen with arms on knees contemplating adolescent-specific rehab

Benefits of Adolescent-Specific Rehab

Once a family has identified that a teen is struggling with substance abuse, the next step is to help this teen by enrolling him or her in adolescent-specific rehab. Attending an adolescent-specific rehab facility can offer many benefits to teenagers who are struggling with substance abuse. Adolescent-specific inpatient treatment programs offer a controlled, structured environment…

teen depression and anxiety

Teen Depression and Anxiety

Teen depression and anxiety are often viewed as the same thing- and they do overlap in some areas. Furthermore, they are emotional responses to circumstances or experiences in a teen’s life; however, the symptoms and causes of teen depression and anxiety differ. Treatment for each condition may also differ depending on the individual. For instance,…