a boy on a couch wonders about avoidant personality disorder vs social anxiety

Avoidant Personality Disorder vs Social Anxiety

Anxiety is more common among adolescents today than at any other period of time in American history. Teenagers are especially at risk for developing anxiety-related disorders because of factors like hormonal changes and peer pressure. Anxiety symptoms vary depending on whether you have avoidant personality disorder vs social anxiety. Many times, symptoms between avoidant personality…

a group of young people showing cell phone addiction symptoms

Teenage Cell Phone Addiction Symptoms

Parents all over the country have concerns about their teen’s obsession with their cell phones. By any measure, this a very reasonable concern. In fact, teens are at risk of not learning how to interact with other people without some device standing between the two individuals. It’s gotten to the point that the mental health…

a doctor helping a patient discover experiential therapy techniques

Experiential Therapy Techniques

Offering experiential therapy techniques is the hallmark of a top addiction treatment center. In addition to evidence-based care approaches, they encourage self-expression. What’s the point of these therapies? Most importantly, how could they help your teen in recovery? Substance Abuse Robs You of Your Identity The teen experiential therapy in California cannot help but acknowledge…