a woman is happy with her access to technology

3 Ways Technology Is Helping Improve Mental Health

Science fiction has long touted that technology is the key to improving human existence. Many fantastical visions focus on enhancing healthcare with high-tech solutions. Popular ideas include holographic doctors programmed with the accumulated medical knowledge of the centuries and stand-alone robotic stations that can perform complex surgical procedures without human assistance. Of course, countless medical…

a teen struggles with addiction and mental health

The Connection Between Mental Health and Addiction

When a person has become addicted to drugs or alcohol, their entire mind, body, and spirit are affected by the substance. In particular, the brain can be tied to addiction before or after the substance abuse has begun. In either case, there is help for anyone willing to take the first step and admit they…

a photo represents mental health awareness month

Mental Health Awareness Month

When someone has a physical issue or disorder, it’s hard for people not to notice. Many times, the individual’s pain and suffering are apparent. However, with a mental disorder, the individual suffers in silence. We sometimes forget how lucky we are that depression and anxiety are but temporary issues in our lives. That’s not the…

teens struggle with social media addiction

Signs Your Teen Has a Social Media Addiction

It’s hard for anyone to get through the day without relying on the internet. We use it for research, paying bills, and work. Teens often turn to social media to interact with their friends during the pandemic. It’s also become the primary entertainment option for young people. However, some find themselves unable to pull themselves…

someone struggles with signs of adderall addiction

Recognizing Signs of Adderall Addiction

Amphetamine is a powerful stimulant that can lead to addiction if taken outside of a doctor’s recommendation. Adderall is a brand-name version of amphetamine prescribed for ADHD and narcolepsy. Although this Schedule II drug may boost focus and alertness at first, it can also cause anxiety, obsession, and social deficiencies. One of the reasons Adderall…