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Our Programs & Activities Will Guide Your Teen Through Rehab

Supporting a Teen in a Drug Treatment Program

Addiction to substances such as drugs and alcohol is a challenge for teens. More than 600,000 young adults struggle with an illicit drug use disorder. If you believe that your teen has a substance use disorder, it is time to find the proper support to help them become sober. At Destinations for Teens, teen substance use disorder treatment will support your young adult’s recovery.

What Is Teen Substance Abuse?

When we think of abuse, we often think about mistreating others or ourselves. But it is a bit more challenging when we have to define teen substance abuse. Teens often start experimenting with substances with their friends, which can quickly lead to the cycle of addiction. We should consider substance abuse as participating in risky behaviors that will harm a teen’s mental or physical health. If your teen enrolls in a rehabilitation program for addiction, their main goal is the recovery process. Working with a team of healthcare and mental health professionals specializing in teen substance abuse, your son or daughter will participate in a series of therapeutic sessions that will support them in understanding their emotional triggers and how to overcome these challenges.

How Can I Support My Teen?

Attending a teen drug treatment program is just part of the recovery process. The real work begins when your teen is home without the daily support of rehab. During this time, you will have to work diligently to help your teen understand that they are in a safe environment that will allow them to remain successful in their sobriety. Here are some strategies that you can use to help:

Adhere To Discharge Plans

After a drug treatment program for teens ends, their lifetime of recovery continues. Your teen still needs to keep their necessary appointments. If they have been prescribed medication, discuss why they should continue the plan. Use the mental health services available to support your teen and your family in continuing to develop strong communication. Establish Healthy Habits Routines that support eating, sleep, and extracurricular activities will help your teen in their recovery. By modeling these behaviors, you will be showing the power of creating habits that allow you to accomplish your goals.

Keep an Open Dialogue

Create an environment that will allow you to have an open dialogue with your teen. Actively listen and remain objective as they need someone to discuss the shame they feel and the fears associated with their future.

Be Aware of Triggers

Alcohol and drugs have no place in the home of someone in recovery. Eliminate these items and any other possible triggers. This safe space will help decrease the potential for relapse.

Create a Safe Zone

Substance use disorder makes people behave in ways that they would not normally consider appropriate. Perhaps your teen has participated in activities that compromised their health and well-being. Let them know that you are only concerned about helping them maintain a good life, including overcoming their challenges.

Establish Boundaries

The therapy team provides your son or daughter with structure and fun activities in a drug treatment program for teens. Once they are home, they might feel ready to return to their former lives. However, they still need your support. Establish limits and remain firm in your rules as your teen needs continued guidance as they navigate social interactions.

Follow Discharge Plans

Help your teen keep follow-up appointments and take medication according to the details outlined in treatment discharge plans. Contact your teen’s care team immediately with any questions or concerns.

Find Lasting Guidance and Support With Destinations For Teens

Overcoming the challenges associated with substance use disorders is never easy. You can guide your teen by modeling good behaviors such as not abusing drugs and alcohol. You can also discuss the consequences of using drugs and how positive choices will impact their lives. Destinations for Teens offers many options that will aid in the recovery process. Contact us 877.466.0620 so we can begin supporting your teen effectively.