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The Dangers of Teen Drinking

Teen drinking is not a new phenomenon — it’s something many teens will encounter during their adolescent years, and something they are likely to try. However, when many young people pick up their first alcoholic beverage in order to taste it, they do not always understand the implications and the dangers of teen drinking. The fact of the matter is teen drinking is very dangerous. It is detrimental to a young person’s developing body, their emotional state and their physical health. Teens should understand the consequences associated with underage drinking before they head out to the weekend party that everyone is talking about. Realizing these dangers may help them think twice before grabbing that illicit drink.

What are the Immediate Dangers of Teen Drinking?

Teens who drink alcohol are more likely to end up in the emergency room with an injury or health-related issue. According to data released by the Federal Trade Commission, about 189,000 underage drinkers were admitted to the emergency room in 2011, which accounted for about 43 percent of all emergency room visits for this age group. Drinking alcohol can allow teens to make poor decisions that lead to accidents or injuries. In addition, teens who drink too much may develop alcohol poisoning and have to be treated in the hospital. Fatalities increase significantly among teen drinkers. Nearly 1,200 teens die every year in alcohol-related car accidents. While this statistic may be startling in and of itself, the fact of the matter is most alcohol-related deaths for underage drinkers do not involve car accidents. Teens who drink are more likely to die from drowning, burning, injuries, suicides and even homicides.

Long-Term Ramifications of Teen Alcohol Use

As a young person’s brain is still developing and growing rapidly, excessive drinking during this time can impact the teen’s health in the long-term. Teens who participate in binge-drinking events on a regular basis are most at risk for long-term brain development issues. Some data shows that excessive drinking while the brain is still developing can have a detrimental impact on cognitive skills. However, researchers have not determined if the effects of heavy drinking during the teen years are permanent. It puts teens at an increased risk for making poor decisions. Girls, especially, are at risk for experiencing consequences associated with drinking. Teen girls who drink alcohol in excess are more likely to have sex without protection, putting them at an increased risk for contracting sexually-transmitted infections and becoming pregnant. In addition to having unprotected sex, teens are at risk for participating in a variety of other dangerous activities if they have been drinking. Teens who have been drinking are more likely to get into a car with a driver who also has been drinking, and they also are more likely to try other drugs while under the influence of alcohol. Marijuana use increases among teens who drink. In addition, teen drinkers are more likely to carry a weapon. Teens who begin drinking regularly at an early age are more likely to suffer from alcohol-related illness and addiction throughout their lifetime. Most teens who begin drinking are not doing so in a responsible manner, and this habit can lead to abuse and addiction over the course of time. Teens are less likely to drink as often as legal adults, but they are significantly more likely to participate in binge-drinking events. Binge drinking is defined as consuming five or more drinks in a single occasion. While teen drinking has long been a societal issue that adults have been trying to address, the fact of the matter is more teens are trying alcohol at a younger age.

Avoid The Dangers of Teen Drinking With Treatment

The best way to help your child avoid the dangers of teen drinking is to get them alcohol addiction treatment. Therapy can help your child overcome the psychological issues that lead them to ignore the dangers of teen drinking. Experiential and holistic therapies provide your child with fun, sober alternatives that have none of the dangers of teen drinking. At Destinations for Teens, we offer both psychotherapy and holistic therapy aimed at getting your child to eschew the dangers of teen drinking. Our offered therapies include:

Parents and other responsible adults need to start raising awareness about the dangers of teen drinking. Open and honest communication from an early age about the realities associated with drinking will help young people. They need to understand the consequences before they decide to sneak a drink with their friends. If you can prevent your child from picking up that first drink, then you may save them from a lifetime of complications. To learn more about the dangers of teen drinking and how we can help you overcome addiction, give us a call at 877.466.0620.